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If you wish to enjoy your favorite PSX games, you will need to download an emulator with SCPH1001.bin, that is the proper PlayStation BIOS file.

Why Is It That Emulators Need BIOS?
As we have mentioned, you’ll scarcely find an emulator that is going to be flawlessly running with no BIOS file. Let’s dive into the specifics. These two are inseparable items which can’t operate without one another, such as a key and a lock. So after you get into the PSX emulator, assess whether it comprises BIOS. It may happen that in the testing phase, you can see a pop-up window which reveals””NO BIOS found””. If you find this message, this usually means that the wrong BIOS type is used. To start playing with your favorite PS1 games, you want to download SCPH1001.bin.

How Do I Receive BIOS on PS1 Emulator?
When you downloaded the emulator without or with a wrong BIOS file, then you have to download SCPH1001.bin separately. You are able to easily get it looking on Google or get from our website. Ensure that you use reliable resources which will not harm your computer. Because of some PS1 BIOS which was downloaded and set up correctly, your emulator will be operating like a charm. In fact, that the PSX emulator is the quickest and one of the simplest ways to go back to the 90s and remember what games you played with from your childhood. To try it, you do not even need to get a gaming system, only a computer or a cellular device.

How Do I Download PSX BIOS?
Here’s a comprehensive guide about what you should do to install SCPH1001.bin in your computer:

Download SCPH1001.bin from our website or any other resource. After downloading, you need to head to Save Link As and change the file extension to ZIP.

It mostly comes in ZIP or RAR format so you have to uncompress it first. Now, go to File – Configuration.

Locate’Run BIOS’ button and click on it.

EPSXe will scan your SD card in order to discover the correct path (if needed, you can auto-configure the path). In case the program can not locate BIOS, you should open Preferences – BIOS and pick the path that you need.

Now click ‘Run BIOS’; when it was properly installed, you can eventually use your emulator.

There is one thing which you ought to also consider. It would be better if you put PSX at a frequent folder on your device because if you put it on your C drive, you risk being restricted when you attempt to get it.

Therefore, you can observe this to set up the emulator and download BIOS is not tough. You only require a couple of minutes of your time, the perfect SCPH1001.bin and that is all!”